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These Russian Fishermen Got The Scare Of Their Lives When A Submarine Surfaced Right Beside Them

You know that moment of crazy activity, tension, excitement, and anticipation when you catch a big one at sea? However, what these two fishermen found was so big, it left them shaking!


Image Source: Facebook


The incredible footage was captured off the Russian coast when a nuclear submarine surfaced right beside them.

“Are you f*cking kidding me?”

One of the persons aboard the boat exclaimed somewhat excitedly, following by a tirade of expletives in Russian! While the other fisherman commented on how his hands quivered as he filmed the unusual encounter:

“Look my hands are shaking!”



You can see the absurdly exciting video below:



Once the submarine left, the men are heard saying:

“Let’s go and get wasted now.”

Because, of course! The video proves that the experience was real and not as fishy as it sounds!

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