These Robot Surgeons In The U.K Just Operated On A Woman With Endometriosis


Robot surgeons costing £2 million ($2.5 million) each have become a groundbreaking solution for thousands of women suffering from endometriosis in the UK, according to a report by the Daily Mail. These remote-controlled machines are being utilized by NHS Trusts to perform crucial operations that were postponed or canceled during the Covid-19 pandemic. By offering pinpoint accuracy, these devices facilitate faster and smoother recoveries for patients, minimizing complications along the way.

When the tissue that normally lines the womb grows in other body organs, such as the ovaries, intestines, bladder, and occasionally even the spine, lungs, or brain, the condition known as endometriosis takes place. This tissue still behaves like womb tissue, resulting in swelling and bleeding during a woman’s menstrual cycle, which causes excruciating discomfort.

Nearly 80% of all NHS endometriosis procedures during the epidemic were postponed or cancelled. Robotic surgery, on the other hand, makes it possible for all women who require care to have it quickly.

Amer Raza, a robotic surgeon at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, expressed his belief that the new robots are “revolutionizing endometriosis treatment and could soon become the first-choice surgical treatment on the NHS.” Jeffrey Ahmed, a consultant gynecologist at the same hospital, further emphasized the advantages of this technology, stating that the surgery time is reduced by 60 percent compared to conventional methods. Additionally, the use of robots results in less blood loss, fewer blood transfusions, and earlier patient discharge, saving approximately £1,300 ($1,600) per patient.

Natalie Meagan-Blake, a patient who recently underwent the robot-assisted procedure at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, shared her long and arduous journey with endometriosis. Having suffered from heavy, prolonged, and painful periods since the age of nine, she experienced immense pain and disruptions in her daily life. Despite receiving four targeted procedures in just six years, the excess tissue continued to grow back within months. However, the advent of surgical robots now allows her to receive treatment as often as necessary.

Another patient, Natalie, a fitness center duty manager from London, also praised the benefits of the new operation. She reported a faster recovery and a significant reduction in fatigue and pain, without the need for painkillers. While she acknowledges that her endometriosis may return, she plans to request robotic surgery again due to the positive experience.

Robot surgeons have brought hope and relief to women affected by endometriosis, ensuring that they receive timely and effective treatment. With their precision and efficiency, these robots are transforming the landscape of endometriosis surgery in the UK, improving the lives of countless women plagued by this debilitating condition.


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