These Reflective And Colorful Beetles Look Like Real Jewelry

Nature can sometimes be very fascinating. These gorgeous creatures are known as “Chrysina limbata” and have become a source of inspiration and amazement for folks. These beetles originate from the tropical rainforests of Central America and are known as the “most beautiful insect species on Earth.” These magnificent living beings outshine each other with their metallic reflective silver color. Their outer appearance is crystal clear, so much so that one can see their own reflection in it. The people who have actually seen them were amazed and interpreted their beauty in the words as if a diamond is twinkling on the leaves.

According to Wikipedia, “This stunning visual effect is achieved through thin film interference within layers of chitin. These layers of the chitin coating are chirped (in layers of differing thicknesses), forming a complex multilayer as each layer decreases in depth; as the thickness changes, so too does the optical path length. Each chirped layer is tuned to a different wavelength of light”. The insects are so much in demand that people are ready to pay $500 per species for their acquisition. Through these facts, we can analyze how magnificent these creatures are.

These silver beetles seem to have taken the internet by storm when a Costa Rican man recently uploaded their exquisite pictures on social media. They are as pretty as pictures, and people willingly collect them in large amounts. A cute incident happened when a Michael farmer was running errands in his garden and he suddenly saw something shimmery, which immediately caught his attention as it was shining from the leaves of a guava tree. When he went near to this shiny little thing and took a closer look, he came to know that it was instead a living creature that was wriggling on the leaves.

Moreover, due to the reflection of the sun, he could see himself in the outer body of this silver insect, and according to him, it was shining in the sun like a piece of polished metal. The farmer said, “I was amazed by how beautiful it was.” I’ve never seen anything like it. It was like a mirror. “The utterly flawless reflection in the beetle is truly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.” He then took some breath-taking images of this little bee and put it back on the leaves in the hope of meeting it soon. But unfortunately, these beautiful creatures gifted by the universe are gradually decreasing in number because of the loss of their habitat.

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