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These People Know How To Land A Job With Their Creativity

These People Know How To Land A Job With Their Creativity

Finding a job is not an easy task. However, you can always stand out from the rest if you use creativity as your weapon. Check out the following people who went the extra mile for leaving a mark on the radars of the hiring managers.

This Man Gave His Resume By The Side Of The Road

Patrick Hoagland was 30 years old and needed a job. He was a recently laid-off construction worker and decided to try his luck on the streets of Phoenix, Arizona. Hoagland said, ‘I at first laughed and thought that was silly, but I kept thinking about it. I figured, why not?! There are millions of people in Phoenix driving around; someone might hire me.’

This Guy Ran ‘Employ Adam’ Campaign

Adam Pacitti graduated from his university in 2012 but was having trouble finding work. His solution? He bought a billboard and set up the sign along with the website. It got him sixty interviews and eventually his job as well!

This Guy Wore Axl Rose Wig To The Interview

This guy wore the Axl Rose wig (from Guns N’ Roses) for the interview and was able to land the job.

This Girl Build Her Own LEGO Resume

Lia Bowman made a virtual LEGO-themed CV!

How To Impress Employers

This woman was asked by her prospective employers as to why she should be hired, and her response was a game of rock, paper, and scissors. She did get the job, by the way!

Interactive Video Resume

Graeme Anthony is a PR and social media consultant. However, he was having no luck when he was looking for a job. He ended up making an interactive video resume that highlighted his experience while proving that he possessed the skills to back them up.

This Student Walked Through A Blizzard To Deliver A Resume

This student wanted to escape a toxic work environment and walked for two miles through a blizzard for hand-delivering her resume. She did get hired, though!

This Guy Got A Face Tattoo

Rudolph Troncone decided to get a face tattoo for landing a job at an ad agency.