These Origami Robots Can Assemble Themselves And Walk Away

Origami Robot 2

Robotics are becoming a part of our everyday life and it would seem that soon enough they won’t require much of an input from human beings at all to build themselves. MIT and Harvard have shown off a new prototype that comes with parts that are stamped and they can simply fold themselves into shape and the robot can march off.Origami Robot 3

One may very well call it a merger of robotics and origami; a little amount of electricity has to be run through the flexible circuit that has been sandwiched between dual layers of paper and shape-memory polymer. This results into the folding of the part and transformation that makes it convert to its working form. Owing to the fact that there’s a microprocessor on board, the robot is capable of controlling the order in which folding/unfolding of these pieces takes place. This allows for the robot to assemble quite gracefully.Origami Robot 4

As compared to the one shown off by MIT recently, this one relies on electricity instead of heat. All you need to do is to press a simple button and magic happens. Whereas, for the MIT one you need to heat the assembly. Origami RobotAccording to the research team this innovation will soon find its way into harsh environments such as space and battlefields. The idea is to have robots assembling without human inputs for various purposes.

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