These Novel Forest-Loving Robots Could Plant Thousands Of Seeds Daily


Two types of self-driving robots have been developed by Milrem Robotics and the University of Tartu in Estonia that can plant thousands of trees in a matter of hours.

According to New Scientist, both robots, each no bigger than a car, work synergistically to plant trees and clear bushes.

As per Milrem Robotics, The Multiscope Forester Planter has a payload capacity of 380 seedlings. Despite its robust and rugged design, it can only be operated in areas with a temperate climate. The robots are based on Milrem Robotics’ Multiscope platform and feature multiple sensors and a bush cutter.

If the environmental conditions are favorable and the tree species are compatible, the robots can reach speeds up to 20km/h and can plant seedlings on a hectare in about 5-6.5 hours. Both robots operate together as one trims the bushes and clears the area while the other plants the seedlings.

The navigation system is based on GPS and LiDAR technology, which creates a 3-D image of the robots’ environment, helping them autonomously navigate their surroundings.

In an interview with The Scientist, Imperial College London’s Andrew Davidson reported that “this is one of many interesting applications … which show that mobile robotics technology is maturing fast and enabling robots to tackle new types of task in difficult environments.”

The ongoing pandemic has made several firms worldwide switch to automation, such as autonomous robots, for their upcoming ventures. In this regard, Milrem Robotics and the University of Tartu have been researching robotics to excel in the area of sustainability.


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