These New Vertical Solar Panels Offer Higher Energy Output And Low Noise

Have you come across vertical solar farms? They’re an interesting new breakthrough in the field of renewable energy.

Solar panels are typically put on flat rooftops or in big open areas. However, with vertical solar farms, solar power is being generated in a completely different way.

Sunstall, a California-based installer, just released its revolutionary vertical solar system to assist farmers in harvesting the sun twice. Sunzaun is intended for use on farms because it is excellent for agricultural uses.

One of the Sunzaun’s distinct features is its capacity to mix agriculture and the generation of green electricity in the same area. This unique vertical structure has the potential to boost agricultural productivity, offer shade, and create a microclimate for the plants, all while reducing the need for watering and maturing.

The Agrisolar Clearinghouse published a case study on a Sunzaun installation in a California vineyard, describing the system’s benefits for a farm.

In addition to agricultural applications, the Sunzaun is suitable for various other environments such as along highways, next to railways, as a fence for property such as residential buildings or public spaces, and any different environment that can benefit from the vertical design’s small spatial footprint.

“We are thrilled to offer this revolutionary new product to the market,” said Helge Biernath, Sunstall CEO.

“With our dual use approach, Sunzaun will have a high impact on decarbonizing the U.S. It mitigates the problems for modern farming caused by climate change and offers energy supply for electric vehicles right where it’s needed. We are confident that Sunzaun will help our customers save money on their energy bills while also reducing their carbon footprint.”

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