These New Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Offer Higher Energy Output And Low Noise

Clean energy is what everyone is after these days. Wind power is a lucrative option, but not all wind turbines are equal.

Agile Wind Power, a Swiss energy company, has been making vertical wind turbines; these have a higher output and are less harmful to the environment. In addition, they cause less noise pollution than conventional wind turbines.

The European authorities have appreciated agile wind energy for their environment-friendly turbines. The idea has also garnered local support.  

The European Commission’s Cordis division said, “With EU funding of the Vertical Sky project, Agile Wind Power is developing the first large-scale vertical-axis wind turbine for use in distributed applications. Its core innovation is a continuous and self-optimizing adjustment of the rotor blades – a real-time rotor blade pitch control,”

“As a result, the rotational speed is kept low, resulting in a threefold lower noise. In addition, its simplified transportation and installation logistics and environmental compatibility with birds and bats allow the closer location to be populated or difficult-to-access areas.”

The turbines feature real-time optimization of the rotor blade, an AI-based control system for high efficiency, constant wind direction tracking and adjustment, a gearless and air-cooled drive, and a robust design for operation over 25 years. These turbines offer an overall output ranging from 750kW to 1.5MW.  

But this is just the start of all Agile Wind Power offers.

The vertical sky windmill has a low rotation speed. This decreases the noise three times in comparison to a conventional windmill. In addition to being efficient in noise pollution, the slow rotation of the blades poses a lesser threat to birds and bats, which can easily recognize the rotating blades. This brings the bird’s and bats’ fatality down by 90%.

The windmills made by Agile Wind Power also cost way less when it comes to maintenance. A whopping 70%. Maintenance is not the only prong where they are efficient; when it comes to logistics, no special vehicles, helicopters, or tools are required to transport and install Vertical Sky windmills, which saves around 30% of the logistics cost.

With all these benefits and perks, the installation of the windmill is being approved by the authorities meaning more wind energy which is both eco and environment-friendly. Furthermore, these windmills are also caneds, aon-siteespecially suited to decentralized electricity production.

Last but not least, Vertical Sky turbines offer the possibility of a low rotational speed guaranteeing lesser centrifugal forces and lesser strain on the supporting structure.

With all these benefits packed in a single windmill, one has to ask, is this the future of energy production?

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