These New Transparent OLED Displays By LG Can Enhance Your Shopping Experience

The transparent OLED technology developed by LG Display is mostly in concept form. So far, the panel has been successful in the actual world. With a number of new prototypes planned for CES 2022 in Las Vegas, the business hopes to seed more possible use cases.

LG Display installed a 55-inch panel at the foot of the bed for CES 2021 to provide menu information for meals, but now it’s possible for shopping centre retailers, office workers, and tech-savvy homeowners as well.

First and foremost, the company wants to improve the shopping experience with transparent OLED technology, which it calls the Shopping Managing Showcase. Retailers would place products on a wooden stand, and a display panel put in front would allow customers to see the products while being presented with “eye-catching visual material” on a transparent screen.

For the Show Window prototype, LG Display increases the screen space to take up a whole storefront window while remaining in the retail centre. This proposal, which is made up of four 55-inch transparent OLED display screens, allows stores to display animated commercials or store information in front of a window display while allowing shoppers to look at the things on exhibit, similar to the example above.

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With the Smart Window concept, the corporation also has its sights set on the office of the future. This will bring conference room glass to life, allowing team members to use transparent OLED technology for presentations, video conferencing, and more, eliminating the need for massive TV or projection screens in future boardrooms.

The OLED Shelf is the final concept for CES 2022, and it is built for the modern living area. It consists of two transparent OLED panels stacked one on top of the other and placed beneath a shelf where users can store photo frames or other knickknacks. The company envisions homeowners using the panels to display TV content or host digital art in an always-on state, with an example shot showing it being used to give reminders and provide weather information. To be honest, the prototype here appears to be a little clumsy and unworkable.

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