These New Single-Serve Coffee Balls Could Replace Pods Soon – And They Are Brilliant

A Swiss company, CoffeeB, has introduced new recyclable coffee balls in place of the single-serve capsules, which were not so eco-friendly. These coffee balls have especially been formulated to be grinded in a special CoffeeB’s countertop Globe machine. However, each ball can be sustained for up to three months after being unpacked from its package unless it is kept dry at room temperature or in the refrigerator. Similarly, the coffee beans used inside these balls are made from pure and certified organic materials. However, the system is not yet available across the world, but it will probably come with a retail price of US$172 for the Globemachine along with a nine-pack of coffee balls for US$4.66.

Coupled with this, each coffee ball contains compressed grounded coffee beans having a seaweed-derived outer cased material engraved. Moreover, the process starts when some of these balls have been incorporated into the Globemachine for grinding. In order to extract the material out of these balls, they have to be moistened with water so the beans housed inside them can be softened. After this, the machine squeezes the outer casing of the ball by injecting more water. In this way, the coffee beans come out of the round casing which would then be fermented at a pressure of 7 to 12 bar (102 to 174 psi).

To that end, the prepared coffee will then be put into the cup with the help of a lever. After the whole process, the coffee balls that remained at the end would then be recycled within four weeks. On the other hand, pods made out of plastic take a lot of months to disintegrate. One of the specialties of the machine is that it is made out of partially recyclable materials and has been designed in such a way as to ease the process of repairing some parts if there comes any fault. Hence, this coffee maker machine has several exciting features which make it stand out from the rest.

However, the company is analyzing its capability regarding the availability of these coffee balls and the Globemachine across the world. We know that most people love to drink coffee but find it very difficult to obtain coffee made out of organic materials and processed through a viable system. These coffee balls and the Globemachine have made this process way easier and you just have to wait till it becomes available in every feasible location across the world so you can get your hands on it.

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