These New Portable H20 Generators Can Pull Drinking Water From The Air


The latest innovation of the company Watergen has brought forward a technology to convert the air into water for off-grid explorers. It is going to be portable and completely mobile.

The unit for this is called Mobile Box that seems like a portable generator, and it uses electricity to pull water from the air around it.

Once this Mobile Box is connected into a 12- or 220-V vehicle outlet, the unit sucks in air through a fan, runs it through a filtration system on the way to the patented heat exchanger that extracts water out through condensation, processes it through a different phase of a filtration system that comprises UV light, and stores it in a reservoir. The power consumed is around 350 watts and the noise is almost 52 dBA. It can give 20 liters of water every day.

The Ford Ranger Tremor SEMA truck developed in conjunction with Outside magazine looks like your typical overland show truck, but it served as the premiere venue for the Watergen Mobile Box

Exaersis is going to be a competitor for Watergen and both will be coming into the market in 2022.

Mobile Box was used in the bed of a Ford Ranger Tremor overland show truck at last week’s SEMA show. The system exhibited how Watergen’s 21.7 x 15.8 x 15.8-in (55 x 40 x 40-cm) water maker box could work with a camper truck with convenience. It fits next to a slide-out ARB fridge/freezer and in front of a BioLite FirePit.

Mobile Box is set to be fit in narrow campers and is definitely going to serve as a viable option for places where the space is limited. Of course, the campers will use regular water sources and carry their water, they can still rely on the Mobile Box to serve as a backup and get water in areas where there is a shortage.


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