These New Moonwalkers Can Give You A Powered Boost As You Walk

Shift Robotics, a Carnegie Mellon University-based company, has unveiled an incredible pair of moonwalkers that are designed to boost your speed by 250% as you walk. They come with modified straps and “quick-release” magnetic buckles, which make it easier for the wearer to adjust them accordingly. In addition to this, they are designed in a way that makes it convenient for you to hook them with a range of shoes. Not to mention, they have sensors integrated within them that work on algorithms based on machine learning in order to synchronize and sense the speed as well as movements of the user.

Coupled with this, each moonwalker consists of eight polyurethane wheels along with a 300W brushless motor that helps in the spinning of wheels. Furthermore, the programming of the device has been done in such a way that the wheels of the moonwalker function in accordance with the speed with which the person walks. You would be amazed to know that you can instantly stop from a speed of 7 mph (11-km/h) top speed to zero and that too in a distance of less than 1 meter. In addition to this, you don’t need to worry about controlling the speed while going down a slope. Instead, the moonwalkers automatically detect the pace and will slow down while you are moving downhill, thus preventing you from falling down by avoiding the inclusion of excessive speed in this case.

The designers have deployed an interesting mechanism in moonwalkers that will enable you to control the movement of the wheels during walking or standing still. The phenomenon known as “Shift and Lock” has given you complete control now. When you turn the Shift mode on while walking, you will give access to the wheels to spin as you walk. However, in Lock mode, the wheels become locked and do not spin. This mode should be enabled when you are climbing stairs or standing still. This is definitely a feather in the cap.

You can grab these moonwalkers on pledge for about US$899 while their official market price is going to be $1,399. As far as charging is concerned, you can travel a distance of up to 6 miles (9.7 km) by charging them for 1.5 hours.

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