These New Metal Lungs Can Boost Mammals’ Respiratory Efficiency by 300%

These days, thanks to the pandemic, it can be quite hard to manage breathing problems. As COVID has risen, some respiratory diseases so in this situation, breathing with peace of mind has become challenging. As far as the respiratory system of mammals is concerned that involves the processes of inhalation and exhalation, it leaves us more vulnerable to the transmission of viral diseases.

In order to cope with such a serious matter, a group of South Korean artists, Bongkyu Song of BKID and Moon&Jeon, has devised a metal lung concept that can convert Carbon dioxide into oxygen through algae. The algae create a one-way flow by differentiating the inhalation and exhalation organs through a respiratory organ called anterior air sacs.

This device is known as Super Lung and is designed on the basis of the respiratory system of birds. Moreover, its designers have a strong belief that this concept increases mammalian respiratory efficiency by 300%. It is because carbon dioxide is replaced with oxygen much more efficiently by one-way airflow created by the algae. Moreover, it reduces the risks of infection as well.

Lung Therapeutics is developing transformative therapeutics for pulmonary disease and fibrosis. (PRNewsfoto/Lung Therapeutics, Inc.)

Actually, Super Lung was designed for Moon&Jeon’s exhibition, News from Nowhere: Freedom Village. The purpose of the exhibition was to interrogate the future of humankind by using art as a medium. Moon and Jeon said, “Our collaboration is not to put forward interesting, definitive pictures of our future society. Neither does it try to paint a utopia or a dystopia. Rather, the answers to these questions are a series of discourses, arguments, and reflections designed to stay in our lives.”

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