These New Hurricane-Proof Homes Are Made Of LEGO-Like Bricks

Miami-based company Renco USA has developed a novel construction method claiming to be 23 times stronger than traditional concrete, providing enhanced resilience against extreme weather events such as hurricanes. The technology utilizes a proprietary blend of recycled glass fibers, recycled plastic, resin, and stone to create Lego brick-like blocks, forming structures described as “mineral composite fiber reinforced.” The company asserts that this construction process is not only faster than conventional methods but also considerably more robust, capable of withstanding the force of a Category 5 hurricane.

“It’s important to our residents to have a building that’s going to be able to sustain them. So, they don’t have to find housing, and we don’t have to help them find housing when their residence or business has been destroyed. This is really important for the community,” Palm Springs Mayor Bev Smith said.

The first test of these claims was recently completed with the construction of a housing complex in Palm Springs, Florida. The mayor of Palm Springs, Bev Smith, emphasized the importance of resilient buildings in the face of increasing extreme weather events, expressing the community’s desire for structures that can endure such challenges.

Florida, in particular, faces heightened risks from hurricanes due to the escalating frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, linked to environmental concerns and reliance on non-renewable energy sources. Recent hurricanes like Ian and Idalia have led to power outages, flooding, and destruction, causing a surge in insurance rates. Some insurance companies, such as Bankers Insurance, Centauri Insurance, Lexington Insurance, and Farmers Insurance, have even ceased operations in the state.

Renco USA’s construction method, with its alleged resistance to wind damage, aims to address the pressing need for more durable and resilient housing in Florida. The company claims that its approach is not only stronger than traditional materials but also more sustainable, being 100% recyclable with a smaller carbon footprint and generating no jobsite waste.

Additionally, the construction is said to be immune to rust, rot, termite damage, mold growth, and is fire-retardant, making it a comprehensive solution for long-lasting and environmentally friendly structures.

“Since it’s 100% recyclable, with a smaller carbon footprint and no jobsite waste, RENCO is greener and more sustainable than building with wood or concrete. And it will outlast any building system today, since it cannot rust or rot, termites can’t eat it, mold won’t grow on it and it’s fire retardant,” a rep for the company told BusinessWire.

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