These New Glasses By Lenovo Can Project Your Computer Display In Front Of Your Eyes

Lenovo just unveiled its T1 glasses at IFA in Berlin, and they will be available in China later this year. However, other countries of the world will experience the arrival of this cutting-edge technology next year. The details coming out regarding these glasses reveal that you would be able to gain the experience of watching a large computer display on its two small OLED screens, which are integrated just inches away from your eyes. The most interesting thing is that it can keep your privacy maintained and you can watch your favorite shows without being “shoulder surfed” by anyone else.

Coupled with this, the glasses would be of greater benefit to those professionals who have to work on “business critical” documents without the interference of anyone else. This means, that by wearing these glasses, you can work privately even by sitting in public places. However, the only thing to take care of is you have to stay in one spot while using the glasses. This is because the glasses are connected to your laptop or mobile phone so moving away from the directed location can obstruct your vision.

These Lenovo T1 glasses are extremely portable. You would be amazed to know that high-quality in-built hi-fi speakers are also integrated within it and are positioned near the ears. This depicts that you can get not only a fantastic watching experience but also an incredible hearing experience as well. Eric Yu, executive director at Lenovo, said, “Every day, people all over the world are increasingly shifting to mobile devices for entertainment and productivity. Screen real estate can be a big bottleneck in the user experience. With a solution like the Lenovo Glasses T1, users have a portable and private big screen experience and can get more value from their phones and laptops.”

Similar to this, the Nreal Air glasses made an appearance in May, this year for £400 and offered a high screen refresh rate of 90 Hz. Hence, these upcoming Lenovo glasses can become a scientific mainstream due to their advanced integrated technology.

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