These New Dumbbells Can Change Weight Using Voice Commands


Working out has just become automated and it is great news for fitness enthusiasts. NordicTrack has come up with voice-controlled iSelect Adjustable Dumbbells. You do not have to stop and change the weights while working out. It will do it for you.

The iSelect system comprises two dumbbells with a series of 5-lb (2.3-kg) square weights which are incrementally added onto them. Each dumbbell can hold a total of 50 lb. (22.7 kg).

The iSelect tray features a tablet holder, but users have to supply their own tablet (if desired)

When the user wants to add more weight, they start by placing the dumbbells in a system-specific tray that is paired to a third-party Amazon-Alexa-enabled smart speaker or another device. They then speak a command such as “Alexa, set weights to 35 pounds.” A motorized system in the tray responds by adding or removing weights accordingly. All of this happens in just a matter of seconds.

Besides requesting specific total weight loads, users can also ask to have the load increased or decreased by a certain amount, or they can ask for a user-specific weight load that has been preset for a given dumbbell exercise (i.e: “Alexa, set weight for bicep curls”). The system enables such presets to be programmed in for 15 different exercises.

The iSelect tray can also be controlled via an integrated dial

Users can also physically control the motorized weight-swapping mechanism through a weight-adjustment dial on the tray. A digital readout above that dial shows how much weight is being chosen.

The NordicTrack iSelect Adjustable Dumbbells system can be bought through Amazon and will cost US$429. That price also includes a 30-day family membership in parent company iFit’s online training session platform, which is not required to use the dumbbells. Prospective buyers should know that the membership will proceed to auto-renew at $39 per month unless stopped.


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