These New Buoyant Seabricks Enable Construction On Water

A Canadian company, Seabrick, wants people to live on the abundant waters of the planet. So they are making bricks out of seaweed which floats on the water and can be the foundation of assets on water. 

The Seabrick is made of seaweed and pelagic clay, which cover 38% of the sea bed. Instead of relying on a not-so-environment-friendly concrete floating hull, Seabrick is of the opinion that the future is seaweed-based floating blocks. The buoyant block float over the sea and adjust with one another the way Lego blocks do.

Another source for the sea brick is sargassum. This brown macroalga commonly grows in coastal waters and is a source of problems for the habitat. Governments and NGOs worldwide spend a good amount to get rid of sargassum, but if they are used in making the seabrick, not only would they be cleared from the coastal waters, but they will also generate revenue for communities previously affected by them.

Sargassum and kelp help eliminate carbon from the atmosphere and is surprisingly 20 times more effective than forests on land. Moreover, manufacturing sea bricks ensures that the carbon confiscated from the environment stays confiscated for years at a stretch.

That’s not all; the construction cost will also be reduced by 72%. If seabricks opt over floating concrete buildings, the benefits for our environment that come with seabricks themselves will help the overall race of humanity to reverse the climate effect.  

The organization as a whole is of the view that by using materials available in abundance in nature, it can positively contribute to the environment while taking the costs of construction on the sea to a minimum and providing an innovative way for the future.

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