These New AR Glasses By NReal Allow You To Seamlessly Stream Media – And Ignore Everything Around You

Augmented reality is progressing so fast that it is almost hard to catch up with the progress. People are becoming more involved in technology as they are fascinated with the idea of an ideal and unreal world where they can avoid their real-life issues.

A developer of augmented reality applications, Nreal has announced a new and relatively cheaper version of its AR glasses. These glasses are being called Nreal Air.

Earlier, all other Nreal models focused on just streaming the video or displaying other forms of media. According to The Verge, this model will not have the parts like outward-facing cameras or hand-tracking tech. these parts help the user to interact with the world. It will just be used to completely block out the outside world. It is said that this is unlike other models that build metaverses” that 

Users will only work with Nreal Air if they need to make a move because the hand controls are absent. It will be done through a mobile app. The total cost is 600 dollars and this feature will cost a big chunk of that.

The company has the objective of creating a goal of building a more compact, stripped-down, and particularly more affordable version of AR made for watching videos.

Nreal Air smart glasses

“Consumers today are seeking lighter, but longer-lasting AR glasses exclusively for streaming media and working from home,” Nreal founder Chi Xu said in a statement provided to The Verge.

Also, using this model will mean that people around you will not feel weird as you will not be using your hands for the movement. Without external cameras on the glasses, AR users can be relieved from getting weird looks from strangers thinking if they’re being filmed.

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