These New AI-Powered Lifts Can Generate Energy On Their Own

Step into the future of urban living as Zaha Hadid’s groundbreaking creation, The Henderson, emerges on the skyline. Beyond its 36 stories and lush greenery transforming an erstwhile car park, this architectural marvel introduces a game-changing feature – AI-powered self-sustaining lifts. Delving into the intricacies revealed at the Hong Kong Laureate Forum 2023, lets explore how The Henderson is set to redefine vertical transportation.

Replacing mundane parking infrastructure, The Henderson unfolds as an urban sanctuary adorned with vibrant gardens. However, it’s the innovative AI-powered lifts that steal the spotlight. Each user is promised a personalized lift experience, eliminating the inconvenience of prolonged wait times. Henderson Properties’ official shared with Tamim Baba that the AI system orchestrates lift movements precisely, seamlessly catering to user demand and final destinations.

Sam KS Li, assistant general manager of leasing at Henderson, elaborated on the lifts’ advanced features. Outfitted with AI cameras, these lifts can gauge lobby crowds, estimating their collective weight before doors open. Inside, cameras track passenger movements, optimizing space usage for a comfortable ride. Notably, the lifts operate at a deliberate speed of 13 to 16 feet per second, prioritizing passenger comfort over velocity, a distinctive choice in contrast to some of Hong Kong’s faster elevators.

While the lifts promise a leap into the future, questions linger about their energy consumption. Li, when probed, didn’t provide specifics. The Henderson’s towering height of 623 feet (190 meters) hints at considerable energy needs for vertical traversal.

As The Henderson seamlessly integrates aesthetics with technological innovation, the pursuit of sustainable and energy-efficient solutions adds a crucial layer to the narrative of this architectural masterpiece.

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