These New AI Binoculars Can Identify 9000 Species

Recognized for its superior sports optics, Swarovski Optik is celebrating its 75th anniversary by launching the AX Visio, a revolutionary device, at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. The AX Visio, created by renowned industrial designer Marc Newson, is an example of how cutting-edge artificial intelligence and conventional optics may work together.

The CEO of Swarovski Optik, Stefan Schwarz, emphasized the company’s commitment to satisfying outdoor enthusiasts’ changing requirements. After five years of development, the AX Visio 10×32 redefines how we perceive nature with its special combination of analog long-range optics and digital intelligence.

The key feature of the AX Visio is its real-time identification capabilities for over 9,000 bird and wildlife species, catering not only to birdwatchers but also to anyone fascinated by the natural world. The integrated camera captures high-resolution photos and videos, seamlessly managed and shared through the Swarovski Optik Outdoor App. A standout feature is the “Share discoveries” function, enabling users to guide friends to observed objects with arrow markers on the display.

Andreas Gerk, Chief Technology and Operations Officer at Swarovski Optik, emphasized the intelligent core of the AX Visio—an integrated operating and object-recognition system driven by a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) for rapid information processing. With approximately 390 hardware parts meticulously constructed over five years, the binoculars ensure a sustainable product life cycle, blending analog components with digital features updated through regular system and function updates.

Manufactured with a high degree of vertical integration in Austria, the AX Visio reflects Swarovski Optik’s 75 years of expertise in high-precision sport optics. The integration of digital intelligence marks a new era, positioning the AX Visio as a flagship project symbolizing Swarovski Optik’s technological leadership.

While the AX Visio represents an investment, its 10x magnification, 32-millimeter objective lens, and a field of view of 112 meters per 1000 meters ensure not only image recognition but also an impressive visual experience. For wildlife enthusiasts, the ability to capture high-quality media, share live observations, and guide others to observed objects makes the AX Visio a must-have companion for immersive outdoor experiences.

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