These Massive Non-Human Graveyards Around The World Will Amaze You

hardware graveyards7

When you see hardware of this amount stacked together at one place, we have different opinions about it. Some people are just awestruck by the sight, and they can’t think of anything to say, but “wow”. Others criticize the management and eventual pitfalls of manufacturing culture. Whatever you think, I believe you will appreciate the sheer size of these piles. Now why are we calling them graveyards? Isn’t it scary to think of human ones alone?  Well, I couldn’t think of any other suitable for what I am about to show to you. At night, these graveyards would look creepy too.

hardware graveyards8

Staggering! Simply staggering! Wonder how much paper can be manufactured from these rows and rows of wood. It is a stockpile gone bad over the years. Before you bash unruly woodcutting companies, all of this wood has not been cut down from forests. It is from the resulting debris of a hurricane!

hardware graveyards7

The numbers of tanks in these pits are just too much to handle in imagination. These remnants of the cold war include T-72s, T-64s, and even T-80 tanks. It has been 25 years since the dismemberment of the Soviet Union. It’s hard to think what the Ukrainian government has thought about their future.

hardware graveyards6

These retired fire trucks probably saved a million lives. But now, they are rusting in their graveyards. Would someone put them out of their misery already?

hardware graveyards5

The endless piles of rubber tyres in Kuwait reflect the unsustainable nature of the business. Although the tyres here may never see a vehicle again, the sight is awesome!

hardware graveyards4

These cars have been parked bumper-to-bumper, bonnet-to-bonnet and rear -to-rear among many other configurations coming into my mind. Their bodies have been compressed to become a part of this pile. But, at least they can be used in a blast furnace to reuse the steel. All isn’t lost yet.

hardware graveyards3

How wasteful humans can be? All these buses could have been put to use elsewhere. Any third world country would have gladly accepted them as a gift.

hardware graveyards2

The port of Nouadhibou in Mauritania gives us some spectacular views from above. All of these tiny specs are in fact ships, or what used to be ships. Although it looks serene from up here, it will give a darker picture from the ground as heavy pollution is expected.

hardware graveyards

The trains also have graveyards of their own. This one in Bolivia houses a sizeable number of antique pieces close to 8000! It would be great to visit the place I am sure. Can’t they ship one for free? *fingers crossed*

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