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These Lego-Style Bricks Will Now Build Your House

If you were the kid who spent his childhood making houses out of legos, then you have a chance to revive your childhood because a company called ‘Kite Bricks’ is going to hit the construction market with its innovative new brick design.

Kite Bricks is launching a range of construction bricks, called Smart Bricks, which look like legos. The block is constructed from a high-strength concrete material.

Bricks-like legos- can be easily joined together. They have the spaces for insulation and other elements to run through them. This promises an easy access to the broken pipes and damaged cables. ‘Floors, walls, and ceilings are all constructed by appropriate bricks to allow for facile, solid construction with little mess and significantly reduced construction costs.’


Smart Bricks come in a variety of forms. Victoria Solon of Wired.co.uk explains the bricks as: “with rows of knobs along the top of bricks that slot into voids along the bottom of other bricks. A special adhesive—which works like a super-strong double-sided sticky tape, a bit like 3M VHB—dispenses with the need for cement.” 


The bricks come finished and, hence, minimizes the labour and time for mortar and leveling. There is no need for materials like sand, iron and water. The blocks have been designed keeping in view the stresses of earth-quake and weather.

The company claims that the Smart Brick is a cost-effective, ecological and fast option to build structures ranging from houses to bridges. The material possesses strength of concrete. It is expected to cut the cost of electricity bills associated with heating and cooling of surroundings.

Currently the company has launched only a prototype for the bricks and has filed for patents. They need another $3 million to bring these revolutionary bricks to market.

Here is how you might be constructing your house soon: