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8 Abandoned Buildings That Have Been Transformed Into Stunning Structures

Most of the times, old architecture is shrugged off as being beyond redemption and past their time. But today we are going to cover magnificent examples of how people can discover and unveil beauty out of seemingly redundant and useless buildings.

1) Mid-century grain silo turned into a gorgeous two-person tiny house

This 1950s silo has been transformed into a cosy spot for two by a couple in just $350!

Pic Credits: inhabitat

2) Gigantic coal gasometers transformed into thriving Vienna communities

This building was threatened to be demolished at one point, but now it now it hosts 615 apartments, a student dormitory, a daycare centre, offices, over 70 shops, restaurants, and bars, as well as the Vienna National Archive; making it a city within a city.

Pic Credits: inhabitat

3) Old 1920s bank transformed into a luxurious co-working space

The old Royal Bank of Canada headquarters is open for business but now crew co-working space with freelancers paying a $450 monthly fee to have access to open desks, brass-clad private rooms, a cafe, and conference rooms in the magnificent structure.

Pic Credits: inhabitat

4) Kindergarten created in a former Chinese “ghost city”

Zhengzhou was once known as a “ghost city” but the architecture firm Crossboundaries has now made it into the Soyoo Joyful Growth Center which now boasts a colourful facade and an interactive interior “subway” system of coloured paths changing the outlook and reputation of the building forever.


Pic Credits: inhabitat

5) Derelict London post office transformed into an artisanal bakery

An old post office in London’s East Finchley has been brought back to life by architect Lucy Tauber and now is an inviting and minimalistic looking Margot Craft Bakery.

Pic Credits: inhabitat

6) Abandoned bowling alley turned into a fantastic glow-in-the-dark game

Meow Wolf, an artist collective took a massive 20,000-square-foot Santa Fe bowling alley and turned into an oversized, glow-in-the-dark game in the space called The House of Eternal Return.

Pic Credits: inhabitat

7) Shanghai factory is now an industrial-chic Ceramic House

Archi-Union Architects reconstructed a former chemical fibre factory into a modern workspace for a ceramic artist in need of a showroom.

Pic Credits: inhabitat

8) Neglected London bakery transformed into beautiful luxury housing

An abandoned 19th-century bakery was brought to life out of obscurity by Jo Cowen Architects and was turned into an 11 unit luxury residential property. 

Pic Credits: inhabitat