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These Innovative Lamps Are The Coolest Thing You Can Have On Your Bedside

Good lighting can transform a room into something amazing, while failure to get the lighting right ends up in the room becoming bleak and completely dull. Novelty lamps are great when it comes to providing a focal point and being a starter for conversations and the latest Bulbing Lamps from Studio Cheha are the perfect choice when it comes to doing just that.

Bulbing Lamps are basically 3D optical illusion lamps that sport a 2D LED light source that is capable of shining in 3D because of the incorporation of an acrylic sheet that has been laser-etched with angled lines. Light follows these lines and thus creates an illusion of depth similar to the one achieved by making use of a wireframe lampshade.

The Bulbing range kicked off as a single lamp that was named Bulbing Light. It is a huge 3D lightbulb that was funded via Kickstarter before it made its way to the New York MoMA Store and the Pompidou Centre Boutique in Paris. Studio Cheha is back now with three latest designs that make use of the same technology for the creation of 3D lamps by making use of 2D materials.

The designs have been named as DESKi, ZIGGi and CLASSi. DESKi is a desk lamp while ZIGGi is a reading lamp and CLASSi being the simulation of a bedside lamp. Each lamp sports an LED that offers a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Bulbing Lamps are the subject of a Kickstarter campaign that is aiming to raise $23,000 and you can secure one lamp by pledging $70. Check out the video below to see the Bulbing Lamps in action.