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These Innovative Kickstarter Projects Will Change Our Everyday Life

Kickstarter is a great platform to get innovative new products straight from the inventors at a relatively lower price rather than the lengthy process of retail. It has contributed much towards the success of new products that previously had to go through a volatile process to kick into production. We have seen great success stories of products that eventually became household names and contributed towards the growing e-commerce culture. Here are some standouts from the recent Kickstarter campaigns that will probably have a lasting impact on our every day lives:

1. Table Air

It is a smart air purifier that filters the air around you of particulates and dust. Its stylish design means that it would appear at home in most office and household settings.

2. Eyespeak: Beyond Communication

This pair of tech glasses has been able to achieve what the Google couldn’t; revolutionize the hands-free interface. It will particularly help ALS and SCI patients in getting a better sensory experience.

3. Rainforest Connection- Forest guardians

Rainforests of South America and Africa are home to the biggest presence of wildlife in the world, but more and more of these natural abodes are being targeted by poachers and illegal loggers. This device helps us catch the culprits and try to do our part in response to climate change.

4. J.A.E.S.A Artificial intelligence

J.A.E.S.A is a true next generation Artificial intelligence developed by Ainova Robotics Inc.. It can think, adapt and converse freely on its own.

5. Pyramid Garden-an Aeroponic veggie growing system

It is the first aeroponic vertical growing system for your own DIY garden. You don’t have to rely on GMO labelled crops anymore.

6. Global Support for Non-Profit-Organizations

The non-profit organizations doing most of the community and cultural work around the world aren’t that well connected and this amazing startup allowed them to connect on a global scale.

7. Daymak Beast

It is the first solar-powered ebike that has been backed by 140 people. The Beast, as it is named, will pave way for green cars in the future.

8. Go Kin Packs- Electricity from Walking

We are often complaining about the limited power supply in our phones. This new tech allows you to charge phones using the kinetic energy from walking. A 5-minute walk can add fifteen minutes talk time on your phone.

9. First River Turbine for generating electricity

Have you ever seen flowing river and thought you could benefit from its infinte pool of kinetic energy? This amazing river turbine does just that. The Riverlutionary turbine will definitely aid people living around the banks to get access to clean energy.

10. 30 seconds recharging battery

What if you could recharge batteries in just 30 seconds instead of 30 minutes or so? This ambitious Kickstarter project aims to do just that!

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