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Bisecu Is A New Bluetooth Lock That Will Prevent Your Bicycle Wheels From Turning

Bicycle locks that lock and unlock with when a smartphone comes in and goes out of the Bluetooth range are quite common, like Noke, BitLock, and Skylock. The problem with these locks is that you need to carry them around everywhere. Some Korean inventors came up with an idea that will save you from having to lug around a sturdy lock. Bisecu is a front wheel mounted lock that will not let your bike wheels turn.

Source: Chip In

Bisecu is a weather resistant aluminum alloy cylinder weighing 350 grams that is to be installed on the front wheel of a bicycle where it stays permanently. The device communicates with the Android of iOS app via Bluetooth Low Energy.

Source: Chip In

As soon as the user walks out of the Bluetooth range of the Bisecu, the lock is automatically activated. If anyone tries to steal the bike, a motion sensor embedded in the system will set off an alarm and notify the user through the app. Here is the downside; if someone picks up the bike and carries it away, there is no physical provision that will prevent the theft from happening.

Source: Reuters

Whenever you walk towards your bike, the lock senses the Bluetooth signal and unlocks, allowing the wheels to turn. If you are not going far from the bike, you can lock and unlock manually through your app. On the upside; the app will tell you about your speed and the distance traveled as well as the slope inclination. In case your phone battery dies, you can unlock the bike by entering a passcode on the integrated exterior button.

Source: New Atlas

To install the lock on a bicycle, it takes about ten minutes and once charged, the lithium polymer battery of the Bisecu will last about six months. When the battery gets low the app will inform you.

The retail price of the lock is not announced yet but it is expected to be around $100-150, according to a team member. A Kickstarter campaign for Bisecu is planned towards the mid of this year.

Watch the demo of Bisecu Bluetooth bicycle lock in the video below:


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