These Innovative Glass Roof Tiles Can Harness Sun’s Energy To Heat Your Home


SolTech Energy is a Swedish company that provides solutions for clean solar power. The company has created a peculiar home heating system that is housed within roofing tiles created using ordinary transparent glass. The amazing house-warming tiles impart a beautiful and icy appearance to the roof.Glass Roof Tiles Will Harness Sun’s Energy 5

Back in 2009, the company’s material was selected by a jury and nominated as one of the nine year’s ‘Hottest New Materials’. Owing to the number of votes by people, the company’s glass tiles won the gold medal from the North Building Fair, Nordbygg. The chairman of the jury, PhD. Bengt Toolanen said, “The winning entry combines an attractive design with essential functions for clean and sustainable energy. It is an innovative product that is well in time.”Glass Roof Tiles Will Harness Sun’s Energy 2

The tiles, as mentioned before, are created from ordinary glass and weigh the same as clay tiles. The system doesn’t heat up water or vacuum pipes but rather heats the air. The tiles are placed on top of a black canvas made from nylon. Under this canvas, air slots are mounted. The black color absorbs heat from the sun and forces the air to circulate. This hot air is used for heating up water that is connected to house’s heating system by making use of an accumulator. The system cuts energy cost throughout the year and works during night time and dark winter days as well because it is capable of storing heat in the isolating layers of air located under the canvas.

Glass Roof Tiles Will Harness Sun’s Energy 4

The company collaborated with the glass mill Orrefors for development of the tiles. As of now they are being industrially created in Portugal using the same Swedish design. The SolTech Energy System creates about 350kWh heat per square meter while factoring in climate, angle of roof and cardinal direction.
Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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