These Huge Wet Wipes Are Like A Portable Shower In Your Pocket

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It is summer, and you still want to bike to work or college, but you can’t do it because profuse sweating will make your body smelly as hell. You are at a music festival in Paris and just can’t find a toilet for days to have a wash and that weekend remains etched in your mind as a really smell dirty affair rather than enjoyable time. So, what do you do when you have to take a bath outside, and there aren’t enough clean washrooms around? These wet washing wipes might just be the perfect solution for you as they allow you to clean yourself on the go and can fit in an average pocket.

The idea was conceived by Dr. Aeneas Janze for troops deployed in Afghanistan where the battle takes place in the remote countryside. Soldiers have to remain in the field for weeks at a stretch and bathrooms are out of the question. It doesn’t become a matter of smell alone. If they don’t wash themselves up, they will have increased fatigue, charred skin, and boils that will hamper their performance. These body-sized wipes can be carried by the dozen in a soldier’s backpack and used quickly and efficiently. It is effectively a portable shower and can be used again. 

epic wet wipes2
Source : Kickstarter
epic wet wipes
Source : Kickstarter

Now normal wipes are present that we use to clean our hands and face like the scented tissue papers on luxury buses. They do an effective job of refreshing the skin, but they are way too small and fragile to be used for the whole body.Also, many of the ingredients used in the freshening mixture of these wipes are not good for the body so Dr. Janze sat down, and a three-year research process followed this early inspiration and ended in the resulting product. It is 31.5 x 19.7 in (80 x 50 cm) in dimensions and therefore can be used very effectively. It is almost sixteen times larger than a regular wipe and thus, it can be used to clean the whole body. Due to its length, it can be effectively used to clean our backs as well just like a towel.

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Source : Kickstarter

These are very carefully engineered wipes that are made from viscose obtained from bamboo and are completely biodegradable in nature. Even their packaging is recyclable and they rank the safest on the Non-profit company Environmental Working Group’s database. They also have refreshing yet healthy ingredients like Eucalyptus, Calendula, and Chamomile. A Kickstarter campaign is currently going on with $14 enough to get you four wipes. That is four showers out in the wilderness or any other showerless place you like to visit. Delivery will take up to 6-7 weeks. 

Here is the pitch from Kickstarter:


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