These High-Tech Shopping Mall Urinals Can Provide Urine Tests On The Spot

Step into the future of convenience and health monitoring in China, where high-tech urinals have taken center stage.

These extraordinary facilities have been popping up in various locations, including shopping malls, popular tourist spots, and bustling urban areas. What sets them apart is their sleek design, complete with digital displays and built-in payment processors, offering a unique user experience. The real intrigue lies within their ability to conduct instant urine sample tests, promising quick health insights.

Recent attention was drawn to a particular urinal spotted in a Beijing business district mall. Photos of this unconventional fixture quickly circulated online, igniting discussions among curious observers. Its eye-catching digital display and integrated payment processing unit captured the imaginations. However, the true marvel lies beneath the surface, where hidden sensors purportedly analyze urine samples for an array of markers such as calcium, glucose, protein, ketone bodies, and ascorbate. The developer claims to have secured patents for this cutting-edge urine testing technology, although doubts about the accuracy of the results persist.

According to reports from Bastille Post, the company’s customer service behind these high-tech urinals argues that their devices operate on the same principles as hospital testing units. They assert that the results obtained from these urinals can serve as a valuable health reference. However, skepticism arises due to their location and the inherent hygiene concerns associated with public restrooms. The company maintains that hygiene issues were indeed considered during the design phase, but specifics about these measures remain undisclosed.

Upon approaching one of these extraordinary urinals, users are greeted by a message on the vibrant display: “You will get a urine test report after peeing, will you pay for it?” Intrigued patrons can then scan a QR code provided on the screen to complete the payment process. Within a mere two minutes, the test is conducted, and the eagerly anticipated results are displayed. Remarkably, the cost for this instant health assessment reportedly stands at a mere $2.80—a fraction of the price one would pay for a hospital urine test.

While these high-tech urinals have been around since at least 2021, they catapulted into the spotlight recently due to the viral photos of the Beijing business district installation. Nevertheless, despite the intrigue surrounding these innovative facilities, a Chinese doctor suggests that the urine tests conducted by these urinals should be regarded merely as health reminders. In comparison to tests performed in clinical or hospital settings, discrepancies and potential errors persist, limiting their diagnostic reliability.

As the controversy surrounding these smart urinals continues to unfold online, a user shared a photo featuring a noteworthy disclaimer allegedly found on one of the units. The disclaimer boldly states, “This product is not a medical device, and the results cannot be used as a basis for diagnosis, and are only used as a reference for health management data.” This cautious disclaimer underscores the importance of viewing the urinal’s results within the context of general health monitoring rather than relying on them for precise medical evaluations.

While these urinals offer an innovative approach to health management, it is crucial to remember that their outcomes should be seen as health references rather than diagnostic tools.

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