These High School Students Have Created A High-Tech Device To Accurately Cut Cake Into Equal Pieces

Japanese students from a high school won a regional innovation competition as they had created a high-tech device that could cut cake, pizza, or any round treat into equal-sized segments. The laser beam was used for the same purpose and students had included geometry and maths to calculate the actual size and angle at which that round treat could be cut into equal parts, depending upon the number of slices.

It is the main problem, seen almost in every home that mostly in parties, people are left with an extra piece upon which clash may arise. That remaining piece is basically the result of the unequal size of slices. So, the students at Kundong High School in Japan’s Oita Prefecture had used their inventiveness for the same issue and created a high-tech device that could resolve the problem. This device calculates the angle at which the round treat needs to be cut, depending upon the number of slices.

A second-year student at Kundong High School, Wataru Onoda was inspired to create such a device as he had experienced the matter within his own family. He noticed his mother cutting a birthday cake for seven family members but she was left with one extra piece that Onoda had to fight with his two sisters over. Such a friendly dispute had motivated him to invent such a high-tech device. Thus with the help of two colleagues, Rinto Kimura and Mitsumi Zaimae, he created a device that could cut a cake into perfectly equal sizes.

It is aptly named “Get Along Well With Everyone“, consisting of a turntable upon which cake or pizza is set by the user. The laser beam is used to project the knife at an exact angle depending upon the number of slices. The process is hygienic as well because there is no physical contact between the food piece and apparatus.

Onoda’s project won the Oita Governer’s Award at the 80th edition of the Kufu Invention Exhibition, an annual event for students that let them cultivate their spirit of ingenuity.

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