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These High-Resolution Snowflake Images Are A Treat To Watch

A specialized camera was used to snap these breathtaking microscopic detail of different forms of snow flakes.

A specialized camera was used to take these breathtaking microscopic pictures of snowflakes.

The Winter season normally roams around freezing temperatures, wearing lots of clothes, and lots of playing with snow. It is considered more fun in most parts of the world as it comes with snowmen, snowball fights, and the tea and coffee hit just differently in the winter season. However, it comes with some of the downsides, of which one is the way roads and passages get blocked, causing more and more inconvenience.

If seen at microscopic levels, the fun and inconvenience causing snow present nature’s work of art. Each flake has a distinguished design, and all of them look marvelous.

Nathan Myhrvold, previously employed with Microsoft, is an expert in cameras. He decided to get deeper with snowflakes photography to capture nature’s work of art for as close as he could.

Myhrvold revealed that the most favorable temperature to have the best snowflakes is -15 to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively. He learned this by shooting in Canada’s northwest territories and the outdoor air of Fairbanks in Alaska.

Capturing these snowflakes to such minute details is no easy task, said Myhrvold. Hence, many considerations were taken to do a perfect job. The snowflakes melt at varying temperatures and even tend to change their shape quickly, while weather conditions play the foremost part in capturing these tiny beautiful creations of nature.

To snap snowflakes in their magnificent shining details, Myhrvold had the latest fully equipped camera. The guy spent 18 months to design it, and it looked like a carbon fiber frame on a big box. Myhrvold stated it to be the world’s highest-resolution camera to capture snowflakes specially designed for this purpose. As per the details, it comes equipped with a phase one 100 megapixels for an adapted shoot at microscopic levels.

The camera, as said, was designed specifically to capture the snowflakes. Hence it comes with a cooling stage, which ensures that the snowflakes don’t melt too quickly. Another feature of the camera to perfectly capture the snowflakes is its ultra-fast LED lights, ensuring the optimum images of uniquely designed ice-crystals.

The camera’s built is a perfect blend of technology that takes us closer to nature’s artwork.

According to Myhrvold, “Snowflakes are an excellent example of concealed beauty. Water, an amazingly familiar thing for us, is pretty unfamiliar when you see it in this unusual view. The complex beauty of snowflakes comes from their crystal structure. It is a direct reflection of the microscopic characters of the water molecule.”

The video below is a demonstration of different shapes and sizes of snowflakes captured in breathtaking microscopic views.

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