These Heavy ‘Muscle Trainer’ Sneakers Help You Burn Fat Efficiently

muscle trainer sneakers

When a person walks for nearly 30 minutes in regular sneakers, they consume around 75-150 calories depending on how fast they were walking. The new Muscle Trainer sneakers can increase the energy consumption to 300 calories in the same period. The unique thing about these trainers is their weight. The average sneaker weighs around 200 and 400 grams while the Muscle Trainer adds 1200 grams and 1400 grams of weight to each foot, for women and men respectively. All the extra weight is concentrated in the internationally-patented sole, which has hundreds of small iron balls in it. The high-cut design that protects the ankles and high-quality material makes the sneakers very comfortable while they work on your leg muscles.

Muscle Trainer Muscle Trainer 2 Muscle Trainer 3

The Muscle Trainer sneakers underwent testing by scientists at Tokyo Gakugei University and Osaka Wako University on the request of the manufacturer. The testing teams said that the fat burning and muscle training effects could be obtained more efficiently with the Muscle Trainer sneakers as compared to regular footwear. The calorie burning process was increased by 25%. The researchers also said that the Muscle Trainer sneakers could help to prevent the lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Currently, the sneakers are available in black and white color at a price of $122.

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