These Guys Walked Upto Lava With Pieces Of Meat. The Steaks They Prepare Are Incredible

Lava steak

Steak is probably the most favourite meat dish in the world. It is a rich source of protein and every guy brags about having the best recipe. Well, these guys have overtaken everyone by making steaks on…..Lava! Check out this video and see for yourself:



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  1. The only thing that annoys me about this is that I didn’t think of this first. Nicely done. By the how where the steaks?

  2. Nice if you like your steaks very well done. But who is going to clean up the lava?
    And the fuel bill…..
    I think I will stick to the takaways.(Grin)
    Unless you are near yellowstone park in the near future…..

  3. So they burn the hell out of the steaks, using MOLTEN METAL and NOT LAVA, and I love this clickbait shit…

  4. They make the glasses for the drinks and the plate-ware further down the line. No dish-washing… they just send it back through the furnace thingy (scientific term).