These Google Flights Hacks Will Help You Save Money On Your Next Trip

After a year of hard work, there is nothing better than taking a vacation. Everyone deserves a break from the daily grind, however, booking for one is another problem in itself. There are so many online options available to book a flight but with all the choices between airlines, flight times and prices, it is difficult to decide which one to pick. A lot of people use tools like Google Flights to help them plan for the vacations. There are some Google Flights hacks which can make the planning for the trip much easier for you.

google flights

Phone Alerts: Using the alerts, you can receive notifications of the price drop in real time and book the flight at the lowest possible rate.

Email Alerts: If you do not like receiving notifications on your phone, you can activate the email alerts which will tell you when your desired flight will be dropping the price.

Flexible Dates: One of the best features which Google Flights has to offer is this flexibility chart. It comes in handy for the travelers who are unsure of the exact dates when they will be traveling either for business or vacations.

Airport Guide: If you are traveling to or from a major city like in New York or Chicago, you have usually more than one airport to choose from. This guide will show which flights are the most cost effective without having to enter all the information on each site.

Explore the world: The feature allows you to see where you can travel and how much it is going to cost you. Browse the options and pick the best one for you. Also you can search for hotels like best hotels in tampa

Discover: If you are a person who knows what you like but not sure where to go, this feature is for you. You will be required to enter the dates of your preferred travel and list up your interests, Google itself will provide you with options of various places which you like to visit while traveling.

Find Patterns in Price Drop: The price graph feature is a great way to find out the best time to make the purchase of a flight ticket.

Date Tips: If you are looking for updates which can save you a lot of cash, you should check date tips on Google Flights.

Top Picks: If you are in a rush and there is no time to scan all of the options which Google Flights is providing to find the fastest and cheapest flight, you can always pick the top option. Google selects this choice automatically as one of the most affordable and practical options.

Booking a flight can be a hassle. You never know if you are getting a good deal or not. The new features of Google are going to add a lot of ease to anyone’s life.

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