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These Former SpaceX Engineers Have Launched A Robotic Restaurant That Can Bake A Pizza In 5 Minutes

Former SpaceX Engineers Have Launched A Robot Restaurant That Bakes A Pizza In 5 Minutes

Stellar Pizza, developed by former SpaceX engineers Benson Tsai, Brian Langone, and James Wahawisan, is a food truck that will sell pizzas baked by robotic arms, which customers may order using the company’s app.

Ted Cizma, a former SpaceX executive chef and head of culinary services, is in charge of the recipes, with help from Noel Brohner, a consultant and the founder of Slow Rise Pizza Co. The robot was created with the help of about 23 former SpaceX employees.

The robot chef from Stellar Pizza is tiny enough to fit in the back of a truck. Apart from saving space at pizza restaurants and small corner shops, it also signifies that the machine can be deployed to, well, anywhere that needs a pizza.

Pizza classics like pepperoni and supreme will be available, as well as a build-your-own option. Next year, Stellar Pizza will debut in Los Angeles, with more trucks planned for Orange County, San Diego, and Texas.

Stellar Pizza will become an increasingly essential technology at a time when the food service industry is dealing with a worldwide labour crisis. In addition, it will be a cost-effective method since using a robot is less expensive than hiring humans.

Stellar Pizza outperforms a human employee in many ways. For instance, its robotic nature may track the exact amount of ingredients needed to manufacture each pizza, allowing it to modify operations better and avoid wastage.

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