These Dams Generate The Highest Amount of Electricity In The World

powerful dams in the world

Dams have been used to generate hydroelectric energy for many decades. The capabilities of the hydroelectric power station have grown and improved over time. This resulted in some very impressive records of electricity generation. Not all dams are created equal and some are much more effective than others when it comes to generating power.

Here is a list of top 10 highest electricity generating dams in the world.

The Three Gorges Dam

The Three Gorges Dam in Hubei, China is the largest hydroelectric dam in the world in terms of electricity production. The facility can generate 22500 megawatts of energy. The cost to build this dam was estimated to be $37 billion. It was able to generate 11 times more powerful as the Hoover Dam.

This dam is also capable of actually slowing down the earth’s rotation because of the overwhelming mass of its reservoir.

Itaipu Dam

It is located in the Brazil-Paraguay border. It can generate 14000 megawatts. It was opened in 1984 and has held various world records for the generation of electricity.

Xiluodu Dam

The second largest hydroelectric facility in China is Xiluodu Dam. It is located on the Jinsha River in the Yunnan province. The dam can generate 13,860 megawatts. It is the third largest hydroelectric facility in the world in terms of electricity generation.

Guri Dam

It is located in Bolivar State Venezuela. The dam can generate 10300 megawatts of electricity. It is the largest body of fresh water in Venezuela.

Tucurui Dam

It is the first large-scale hydroelectric project of Brazil which was built in the Amazon forest. It can generate 8370 megawatts of electricity. It is owned and operated 100% by Brazil.

Xiangjiaba Dam

It is the third most powerful dam and one of the most powerful dams in the world. It is located between the Yunnan and Sichuan province. The dam can generate 6448 megawatts of energy.

Grand Coulee Dam

The dam is located in Washington state. It can generate 6809 megawatts of electricity and is the most powerful dam in the United States. The creation of this dam made the production of aluminum possible during the World War.

Longtan Dam

This dam is also located in China and has a capacity to generate 6426 megawatts of energy. It also plays an important role to improve the navigation and trade routes throughout China.

Krasnoyarsk Dam

The dam is located is Divognorsk Russia. It creates 6000 megawatts of energy. The dam has affected the regions climate a lot as it releases unfrozen water all year round and prevents the river from freezing during the winter.

Robert-Bourassa Dam

¬†It is one of the most powerful dams in the world and is situated on the top of the world’s largest underground generating station. The dam is a part of the James Bay Project in Quebec, Canada. It can generate 5616 megawatts of electricity.


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