These Builders Are Making A Medieval Castle Using Medieval Tools And Construction Techniques

guidelon castle3

A brief drive from Paris sees us arrive at Guédelon, a medieval-style castle that has been under construction since 1997. The interesting fact about this castle is that it has been entirely made from the equipment and material available to engineers back in the medieval ages and we can watch them laboring around the construction site using simple pulleys and carrying construction material around on their back. And they have been doing that for the last twenty years. Each brick and pillar of the castle have been made from hand, and that is astonishing to say the lease. The castle itself is amazing too. 

guidelon castle2 guidelon castle

It is supposed to take almost 25 years to complete with this kind of pace and workforce, but it will reportedly take even longer. While it is pretty impressive as it uses no visible cement and other modern binders, it is also going to be worth a lot when finished. The design itself is reminiscent of the castles of old. BBC recognized the amazing construction site and made an interesting documentary about it. You can check it out here:

If you would like a shorter clip, here is a smaller review from Great Big Story:

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