These Bikes Are Made Out Of Animal Bones And Cost 55000 Dollars A Piece

Cowasaki 3

We have covered quite a number of bikes over here, but this one is probably the most unique and intriguing among them all. The reasons behind such hype are its features, the fact that it doesn’t run, costs $55,000 and is made of bones.
Cowasaki 2 To be precise; it is made of animal bones and has been named ‘Cowasaki’. The bike has been crafted by Reese Moore, who lives in Florida. He made the bike by making use of bones which he collected from sides of different roads.

CowasakiThe bones that have been used include cow skulls, alligator skulls, bones from goats, wolves and cow’s spines. According to Moore, it took him about a year to collect all these bones and for carcasses, he used hunters and farmers’ help. The next week was spent in sanding the bones down and putting the bike together. Reese Moore is 65 years old and this bike isn’t the only thing he has made out of bones. He has to his name a number of other models which include dinosaurs and choppers. Apart from that, he is a trainer for whales and sea lions, works on museum exhibits and if all this wasn’t enough; he also performs in Timucuan Indian re-enactments. He has also spend some time being a snake wrangler in the past.

Cowasaki 4According to Moore; ‘I don’t do anything normal. I just go around and show off and make weird stuff.’ So what’s all this fascination with bones, one may very well ask! This feat began when in early 90s he made a dinosaur of bones for his sons on Halloween. That’s when the owner of Froggy’s Saloon asked him if he could allow him to take the model and Moore says; ‘I was kidding, and I said, ‘I’ll build you a motorcycle for Bike Week.’ He recalls that the owner said it couldn’t be done and he accepted the challenge. ‘In about three or four days I called him up and told him he could pick up his motorcycle.’ recalls Moore.

Cowasaki 5The first model that came from Reese is still on display at the biker bar with a price tag of $100,000. Since then Moore and his sons have carried the project forward and have crafted eight more models. One of them is at Georgia in a museum, one is in Kentucky at a pawn store and one is enjoying its celebrity status at Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Cowasaki is at Ormond Beach and according to Moore; ‘They’re probably the most photographed motorcycles in history.’

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