These Are The Worst Cars Ever Made

When it comes to innovation in our cars, we’ve made great strides. A particularly common emergence in recent times has been with smart devices and maximising the online capabilities our motors now have access to, with helpful pieces of tech like satellite navigation systems proving particularly popular over the last few years. 

Car enthusiasts are certainly living the high life at the moment. The automobile industry is in a healthy position. There are, though, things we have to keep in mind when buying a car still. Not every car is flawless. In fact, many aren’t. But on the whole, the vast array of solidly produced cars is encouraging for the sector. There will always be a need for cars too, so the industry is only going to keep on growing, with more and more innovation entering the space and fuelling us petrol heads with the changes we crave. 

We have had some horrific cars over the years, though. Not every motor registers success. So, to make sure you don’t purchase one of these cars – alongside highlighting just how good we have it today with our vehicles, here is a look back at some of the worst cars ever made.

Ford Pinto

When it comes to design flaws, the Ford Pinto probably takes the biscuit. Cars are meant to protect its passengers, which is why the Pinto’s design failure was so horrific. Any rear impact would result in the fuel filler to come loose and puncture the fuel tank, resulting in the car going up in flames and causing danger to the driver and passengers. It’s hardly the type of car capable of providing a relaxing journey as you’re playing blackjack at or reading a Stephen King book. In fact, the car is almost non-existent today after Ford decided that the cost of litigation would be less than fixing the problem. Ford, what a cock up. 

Yugo GV

The Yugo GV didn’t promise a lot, so there weren’t too many surprises when it didn’t deliver either. Imported from – at the time – Communist-led Yugoslavia, the Yugo GV was marketed as being a cost-friendly car which could be afforded by all. It was certainly cheap, with a shoddy engine prone to failure, alongside its electrical systems which were riddled with errors. When it comes to poorly produced cars, the Yugo GV goes down in history as one of the worst ever. Easily. 

Davis Divan

(Image via

Three-wheeled vehicles have never been everyone’s cup of tea, although that didn’t stop the creators behind the Davis Divan putting their plans into practice. In fact, they went in on this machine but in an almightily horrific manner. Made and designed in California, the Davis Divan had issues of fraud and grand theft constantly thrown its way, which is why only 13 of them were made. Sadly, that’s 13 too many if you ask us. 

Ford Mustang II

Sorry Ford, but you’ve let yourselves down again, this time with the Ford Mustang II. With almost nothing in common with the original Mustang, the Ford Mustang II bombed hugely. American cars around the time of the Ford Mustang II’s release in the 70s and 80s weren’t the best at the time, which is why the Ford Mustang II and its failure usually springs to mind. It did have its benefits, like saving a few dollars at petrol stations thanks to its gas-saving skills, but overall this is a vehicle which was more than forgettable. 

Other badly made cars were the Pontiac Aztek, the Cadillac Cimarron, the Saturn Ion, the Reliant Robin and the 1975 Trabant.

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