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These Are The Winners Of The 2020 Drone Photo Awards

2020 drone photo awards.

This year’s Drone Photo Awards present a mesmerizing arrangement of aerial images. These pictures are taken from an exceptional view from above and show a different dimension that we usually don’t get to see.

This competition has become a diversified platform in three year’s span, which is pretty impressive. Participants from all over the globe send in their unique work in hopes of winning.

Every final selection is a unique work of art, ranging from the winning click of a school of salmon looking like a love heart to an exclusive category on the ways that Covid-19 has affected our habitat.

The event has become part of the Sienna International Photo Awards. It caters to about nine categories in total, including Sports, People, Urban, Nature, etc.

The image above belongs to the exclusive 2020 category of drone photo awards referred to as empty cities, demonstrates the changes that Covid-19 has made on each aspect of our existence. It reflects the crowd maintaining social distance protocols and got rated first in this list.

Winning Shot:

An Australian photographer won the competition for his magnificent shot of a school of salmon, forming the shape of a heart. Could the timing be any more perfect?

Each finalist picture is worth a look and lets us see things from a different dimension. People from around the world have invested their best photography skills and incorporated them with their unique ideas. It is a mere treat to watch!

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