These Are The Twitter Accounts That Are Worth Following According To Elon Musk

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Elon Musk is undoubtedly an inspiration to many people all over the world. No one can doubt his skills since he has proven himself several times; from the time when he created PayPal to the time, he founded SpaceX and Tesla. He is also active on social media, and his Twitter account has more than 22 million followers. It is the platform that he uses the most to update his fans about the upcoming innovations and technologies. He has a huge fan following on Twitter, but when it comes to himself, he has a small list of only 71 people that he follows. Here’s the list of all the people who Elon thinks are worth following.


He will, of course, follow NASA since SpaceX works with the space agency to launch its many missions.

MIT Technology Review

This is a great place to start updating yourself with the advancements which are happening all over the world.

National Geographic

Musk is a keen observer of the world and all the species in it.

Clean Technica

CleanTechnica is a website which provides clean energy development news all over the world.


It is a tech-based channel which follows the developments of SpaceX, Tesla, and Elon in general. They also cover some other tech news as well.

Yusaku Maezawa

He is a Japanese entrepreneur, art collector, and billionaire. His online fashion retail is the biggest online retail store in Japan. He is also planning to take a trip to the moon, and the mission is called DearMoon.


This website follows developments made in the field of EVs.


The go-to place for everyone to educate yourself about anything.

BBC Comedy

Musk loves humor, and this is exactly why he has followed BBC Comedy on Twitter.

Marc Andreessen

He is among those entrepreneurs who shaped essential things in the world like the internet.

World of Engineering

This account focuses on engineering and engineering samples.

Maye Musk

She is the proud mother of Elon Musk, Kimbal Musk, and Tosca Musk. She also works as a model and a dietician.

Tosca Musk

Tosca Musk is the sister on Elon and is an award-winning South African-Canadian filmmaker and works on romantic movies.

Kimbal Musk

He is the brother of Elon and is a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a restaurateur.

Ken Levine

He is a game developer and has created many famous games like BioShock series, Thief: The Dark Project, and System Shock 2.

Niche Gamer

This is a community where people discuss new and upcoming games, especially from the new developers.

George Zachary

He is a pioneer in bioengineering and has invested in many startups.

Lisa Joy

She is the co-creator of the TV Series Westworld. It is a futuristic series, and it seems like Elon loves the show.


This website is all about tech, startups, and the internet. This is a great place to know what is going on in the tech world.

Demis Hassabis

He is the founder of DeepMind and AI development company, which is now under Alphabet.

Atlas Obscura

This account tells about the different wonders of the world.

Swift on Security

No one knows who runs this account, so the internet has associated it to Taylor Swift.

BBC Breaking News

Elon loves the information, and it is best to get it from the biggest broadcasting company.

Tao Lin

He is a novelist, essayist, poet, short story writer, and artist.

The Royal Society

It comprises of the most prestigious scientists of the world.


This is another technology related website on Twitter.


She is known as a symbol of peace and the strong force behind women empowerment.

Liv Boeree

Who can escape the unstoppable enthusiasm and charm of Liv Boeree?

New Scientist

This magazine covers all the latest and trendiest news in the world of science.


This account shares the latest developments about the human mind.

Fermat’s Library

This website develops software which enables annotations on academic papers and makes them easier to understand.

Internet of Shit

IoT, AI enabled mods, or crazy garage builds, this account makes fun of nearly everything.


This site tracks all the global tech news.

CGP Grey

This is a YouTuber who is working since 2010 and loves to teach.

Bill Lee

He is a tech enthusiast and has invested in many tech companies.

Rick and Morty

This is about science fiction and who doesn’t like it?

XKCD Comic

This account has images, memes, articles, and much more.

Curiosity Rover

The rover has been on Mars since 2012, taking pictures and treading the Martian ground.

How Things Work

This is a go-to website to learn how several things work.

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stones is just a start for Elon to stay on top of the trends.

Discover Magazine

This website covers tech, science, medicine, etc.

60 Minutes

An online magazine which gives all the international news in one place.

A core science website which gets all the latest research trends and conclusions.

World and Science

A Twitter channel that loves to share everything about space and the universe.

Physics arXiv Blog

A place where you will get to know about all the developments done in science and technology.


This website provides hilarious memes to lighten up your mood.

Tim Urban

He is the founder of the blog Wait But Why.

Khan Academy

It is a non-profit organization started by Salman Khan which empowers education for the kids who are in need.


JPL stands for Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and this is a place where the most significant part of NASA’s tech emerges.

Int. Space Station

Get Twitter updates from the people living up in the sky.

The Boring Company

Musk founded this company which specializes in digging tunnels and construction work.


Another one of Musk’s company that stays in headlines usually.


This company by Musk will enable superfast underground transportation throughout cities.


The company which promises to colonize Mars.

Tesla Motors Club

This is more like a holy grail for Tesla Automobile enthusiasts.


This group shares experiences and pushes their tech to the limits.

The Hacker News

The Twitter account that updates about cybersecurity.


It is a great place to get video game news and developments.

Plato On Book Tour

A satirical Twitter account that shows how Plato would have reacted to modern news and trends.

History In Pictures

Amazing place to see some of the historical pictures that show the human history at its worst and its best.


This company is dedicated to developing cutting-edge AI research.


This is another gaming website which covers everything in the genre.

Scientific American

The website, which shows the great developments in science.

John Oliver

He is the host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight show and also a creative comedian.

South Park

Most people like these satirical comedy cartoons which also go a little towards the dark side.

Medical Xpress

Get the latest news on health, medicine, and medical care.

Phil Plait

He is the owner of the Bad Astronomy blog.

The New York Review of Books

Anyone who loves to read must follow this account.

The New Yorker

This website shows a week’s news into a magazine with a touch of humor.

The Verge

Verge is on top of the list for many as it covers many topics.


Tech reviews, news, and announcements, Engadget has everything to get you covered.

This was the list of accounts which Elon Musk is following on Twitter. If there’s something that goes with your taste, do follow it.


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