These Are The Steps Involved In Launching A Nuclear Missile

Launching a nuclear missile is actual rocket science and clearly not a simple one. Rockets launched for space missions have far more freedom than any kind of weapon used in a war. These missiles need not be launched from a very visible space, and the launch needs to happen at a notice of only a few minutes. When they are equipped with nuclear warheads, it makes everything 100 times more complicated.

The crew around the missile silo, the hole underneath the ground for launching the missile has to be very vigilant, and fully prepared to fire up a missile at any time but they also need to make sure that it is never launched by accident. Seriously, that is an accident the world can not afford.

This guy from Veritasium visited one such facility in Arizona desert to look for answers about the launch of a nuclear missile. This particular facility holds the Titan II, the most powerful missile weapon system ever created by the United States. Watch the video and have a virtual tour of the facility and learn about the launch of nuclear missiles.

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