These Are The Most Hated Apps In Every Country And U.S. State

According to a recent study by DotNek, smartphone users around the world collectively download 250 million apps per day on average.

To discover how attitudes toward apps and smartphones vary all over the world, experts at Electronics Hub analyzed Twitter data to find out the most hated apps in every country and the U.S.

The team processed more than 3 million geotagged tweets related to 87 social media, dating, mobile games, entertainment, cryptocurrency, and money transfer apps. Afterward, they calculated the percentage of negative tweets about every app with the help of the HuggingFace Sentiment Analysis tool, which identifies whether a tweet has positive, negative, or neutral sentiment.

It was found that Roblox is the most-hated app in 21 countries.

Hinge is the most hated app around the world. It had 34.4% negative tweets.

Graphic courtesy Electronics Hub

The most hated app categories are dating apps, money transfer apps, and social media apps.

In the wealthiest English-speaking countries –the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia-, Tinder is the most hated app. In Iraq, 71.4% of all tweets about Tinder are negative. It is also the most hated app in Lebanon and Qatar.

The attitudes varied in different parts of the world for the same apps. 1.1% of tweets about Facebook messenger were negative in Peru, while 58.8% of tweets about the app are negative in Myanmar.

It was also seen that neighboring countries disliked similar apps.

Alaska is the only state where Netflix is the most hated app probably because it has the worst Wi-Fi connections.

In the neighboring states of Idaho, Oregon, and Nevada, the most hated crypto app is Uphold.

Graphic courtesy Electronics Hub

According to data from mobile analytics firm Tune, some 42% of all app downloads are reinstalls of previously deleted apps.

To gather the data, researchers developed a list of apps for popular categories, including social media, Dating, Mobile Games, Entertainment, Cryptocurrency, and Money Transfer.

In the end, they calculated the percentage of negative tweets for each country and U.S. state and separated the most hated app overall and for each category. We also extracted the 10 most hated apps overall in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and Australia.

The data was collected in April 2022.

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