These Are The Contributions To AI That Facebook Made In 2018

These Are The Contribution To AI That Facebook Made In 2018!

The Chief Global Security Officer of Facebook, Nick Lovrien, says that in the Facebook world, ‘a day is a week, a week is a month, a month is a year.’ What does that mean? It means that the development at Facebook is progressing rapidly. In fact, Facebook has incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI) into a myriad of applications.

These Are The Contribution To AI That Facebook Made In 2018!

The AI is being used for identifying porn, and it is also being used for keeping the Facebook employees. Facebook has become one of the many conglomerates that are actively pursuing the opportunities of AI and coming up with amazing innovations along the way.

2018 was an amazing year for Facebook when it came to Artificial Intelligence. It was able to contribute a lot to the world of AI. Facebook has always believed in the importance of AI learning and in its capability to bring people together. The engineers at Facebook, powered with this belief, have created some exceptional top-notch tools and a system that is capable of learning from the real-world data.

These Are The Contribution To AI That Facebook Made In 2018!

The Facebook AI Research (FAIR) group is focused on developing systems that can match the intelligence of humans. This milestone is still years in the making, 2018 has proven to be a great effort in that direction since Facebook was able to explore a number of ways that could help diminish the need for supervised learning by systems.

Another feat performed by Facebook in the field of AI was its work on increasing the number of languages that could be understood or translated by their systems. Facebook has introduced a new technique that can help their systems to be trained in automatic translation via MT models without the need for supervision. Facebook was able to add 24 additional languages to the automatic translation services in 2018 thanks to this particular research.

These Are The Contribution To AI That Facebook Made In 2018!

Facebook has also introduced Omni-supervised learning – a distinct variation of data supervision. Apart from that, the company has also focused on a study on hashtag-based image recognition for its AI image recognition research.  The results have indicated that the utilization of countless data points could facilitate in image-based tasks.

Facebook has also updated its popular deep learning framework PyTorch. It now offers additional support to new developers and helps them to transform their AI experiments into applications that are ready for production.

Facebook was also able to implement AI based features for identification of language in posts that are considered suicidal. It also made a contribution to the medical research via development of fastMRI – it is aimed at improving the diagnostic imaging technology and expediting MRI scans.

These Are The Contribution To AI That Facebook Made In 2018!

As it stands, AI has found its way into all domains and industries. The Facebook’s work so far is nothing less than exceptional and from what we know; the company has even grander plans for 2019!

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