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These Are The 5 Most Dangerous Roads In The US

Dangerous for some, exciting for others! The travels through the scenic lands of USA will lead you to some amazing places. But sometimes due to the sheer nature of the landscape or due to the lack of attention from the authorities, the paths that lead to these places are not that safe to travel. Here is a list of the 5 most dangerous roads that you can find in the USA:

1. Highway 550 in Colorado

Picture Credits: rvshare

The fact that you are 11,000 feet above sea level in the San Juan Mountains, that should be enough the scare the jeepers out of you. Add in the fact that there is no guardrail on this winding road, and now you are really scared for your life. Unfortunately, this is the case for long stretches of road along the Highway 550 in southwestern Colorado. This highway is notorious for having no such safety precautions, and thus it makes this one of the most dangerous highways. And before you start cursing the authorities for not doing their job, the railing is not added deliberately so that it can help in removing the snow during the winter months and the occasional avalanche debris!

Check out the video of the travels on this horrific highway:


2. Haul Road in Alaska

Picture Credits: tsuru-bird

This highway is officially known as the James Dalton Highway, and it was in 1974 for the purpose of transporting oil and gas north from Fairbanks to the far reaches of the state. Temperatures in this area can go as low as -80°F. So if that adventurous instinct is tingling inside, or you are in need of extreme isolation this would be an ideal place to be. Although you are travelling around the Trans-Alaska pipeline for hundreds of miles, actual fuel services are very scarcely found. Cell service is non-existent, and thus police or hospital helicopters patrol the road twice a day looking for breakdowns and stranded drivers. So make sure you are well equipped before treading on this path!


3. I-90 in Montana

Picture Credits: flickr

I-90 sadly is credited for killing the most number of people per year due to traffic accidents courtesy its remote stretches and countless road hazards. The other reason include the lengthy ambulance wait-times and people driving for long periods without resting. Local police have also cited alcohol as a big cause of accidents on I-90, along with distracted driving and a lack of seat belts.

I-90 cuts through the heart of the state, and is undoubtedly a beautiful way to get across the country. If you plan on taking this scenic highway, be sure to load up on supplies, keep it slow, and pack a medical kit before you go.


4. I-15 near Las Vegas

Picture Credits: reviewjournal

With approximately 8 million drivers speeding between southern Nevada and southern California each year, a certain 180-mile stretch of I-15 has become popular for all the wrong reasons. Whether people are too excited to party in Vegas or coming back after losing all they had, this sunny strip of desert road can be deadly! So if you’re travelling to Las Vegas this year, be sure to take it easy and stop for breaks along the way.



5. Highway 6 in Utah

Picture Credits: seniorcitizen

This highway stretches 120-miles in length and lies between the Spanish Fork and Green River in Utah. It is a key route between Salt Lake City and Denver, thus you can be sure to witness truckers, tourists, and commuters all competing for lane space and the right to drive. There are many tight twists and turns along the narrow icy lanes, not to mention the cute little elks and deer occasionally hopping in front of your car. There has been some widening of the lanes, but there still are many sections where a double-wide farm vehicles is divided from tiny hatchbacks by a mere 18-inch double yellow line. And often, the most notorious crashes come from drivers passing slow-moving vehicles when it’s not safe to do so.


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