These Are The 20 Most Expensive Android And iOS Apps In The World

MOst expensive android and iOS apps10

Many of us hate the idea of paying money for our apps and naturally learn to ignore the plethora of ads in the free apps. But, as we know that many apps aren’t available free, so we have to pay to get them working. But, if you thought 10$ was a lot to ask for, take a look at these expensive apps and ridicule the for such inflated prices:

Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 2 – 299 $

MOst expensive android and iOS apps20

Who knew punching games were this expensive! Fun Time Game Pax 2 consists of four games including the mildly amusing Clown Bop, which is a clown-punching game. Nothing justifies this huge price tag.

Perfect Penalty 2012- 299 $

MOst expensive android and iOS apps19

Quite a lot to ask for since many games in this cadre are available free of cost. Reviews don’t favor it as well as one says it has the worst gameplay ever despite some good graphics. Other than that, it’s just bonkers to pay this kind of money for this game.

Water Globe-299 $

MOst expensive android and iOS apps18

Water Globe is this average app in which you can play with globes, make them snow, change gravity and snowflake size as well. It doesn’t even deserve a price tag, let alone 299 dollars.

TouchChat AAC With Word Power-299 $

MOst expensive android and iOS apps17

It is for people who suffer from varying levels of psychological diseases like autism, down’s syndrome, apraxia and many others. It makes communications easy for them.

SafeSession Voice-299 $

MOst expensive android and iOS apps16

This VoIP call claims to give the best voice encryption available on the market. For that, it is charging this ridiculous amount. Many companies offering better apps also claim it, but at a fraction of the price.

Barcelona vs. Real Madrid-350 $

MOst expensive android and iOS apps15

This game is just about the great footballing rivals taking on each other. Despite the good graphics, it doesn’t justify a price tag more than 5$, let alone 350$.

Mobile Cam Viewer-350 $

MOst expensive android and iOS apps14

It lets you view live footage from your CCTV cameras on your phone. It supports several webcam models, and multiple users can view it at the same time. If the price were lower, it could be a hit.

Tap Menu-400 $

MOst expensive android and iOS apps13

It is a pic-based app that makes your menu, book, etc. digitally visual.

iDIA- Diagnostic Atlas, Small Animal-400 $

MOst expensive android and iOS apps12

This app is designed to assist animal doctors in diagnosing animal diseases.

The Alchemist SMS-450$

MOst expensive android and iOS apps11

Despite what the name suggests, it isn’t an SMS service. It is a utility app for steel and scrap metal recycling that greatly improves the margin of the manufacturer.

DDS GP Yes!- 500 $

MOst expensive android and iOS apps10

This app allows dentists to show patients what they are going to do in the operation. After seeing it, I don’t think many patients will be willing to go ahead with it at all!

Alpha Trader -1000 $

MOst expensive android and iOS apps9

It is a trading app for professional investors and bankers. It gives real-time stock prices and other AI manoeuvres.

MobiGage NDI- 1000 $

MOst expensive android and iOS apps8

This app has the unique ability to run, edit and run measuring plans for manufacturing parts and assemblies.

Agro- 1000 $

MOst expensive android and iOS apps7

It helps agronomists with inspections, chemicals, crops and pests on a farm. But, it is crazy-expensive for a task that can easily be done on an Excel sheet.

QSFFStats-1000 $

MOst expensive android and iOS apps6

Keeping track of your favorite football leagues and stats has never been so easy and expensive at the same time.

CyberTuner- 1000 $

MOst expensive android and iOS apps5

This app is for professional piano tuners, and it has been claimed to be extremely useful and easy. Although it has been only downloaded fifty times, all of them have given five stars for it.

app. Cash -1000 $

MOst expensive android and iOS apps4

It is unclear why the developer is asking for this insane sum of money for the app. It is a virtual cash register, and it can generate transactions that some apps we know are similarly capable of doing.

BarMax Bar Exam and MPRE Review-1000 $

MOst expensive android and iOS apps3

The company that offers bar exam preparation BarBri is behind the development of this app. The basic review app is free, but you have to pay for extra features that include feedback from examiners who have graded bar exams previously and lectures from Harvard Law professors. So, at 1,000 $, it is a steal.

VIP Black- 1,200 $

MOst expensive android and iOS apps2

This app also known as the millionaire app to get a VIP experience from the company’s luxury partners. Your assets have to be above 51 million $ to have access to this app. What a bunch of snob developers.


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