These Are The 10 Best Airports In The World


Skytrax launched the World Airport Awards in 1999. The award aims to commend the effort of the airport authorities that try their best to ensure global customer satisfaction. More than 13.25 million people annually vote for the airport they found best!

Here’s the list of the top 10 airports around the globe voted by airline commuters:


10. Hamad International Airport, Doha, Qatar

Image Source: Flickr

The airport features a terminal complex which is an architectural masterpiece in itself. Hamad International Airport, Doha also offers all sort of services for travellers including the luxury hotels, babysitters, prayer complexes etc. to ensure your stay is relaxing.


9. Kansai International Airport, Osaka, Japan

Image Source: Wikimedia

Located on the artificial island in the center of the Osaka Bay, the Kankü was designed by Renzo Piano, a renowned Italian architect. The Aeroplaza on the island offers all sorts of luxuries you could dream of. The air travelers can even walk across the world’s longest double-decked truss bridge, the Sky Gate Bridge.


8. Heathrow Airport, London, UK

Tuesday 28th October 2014. Heathrow Airport, London: Heathrow brings to life global scents for passengers with a fragrant and interactive installation in Terminal 2 As they enter the departure lounge, travellers are confronted by the giant, one-of-a-kind ‘scent globe’ which will immerse the curious in the aromas of Thailand; South Africa; Japan; China and Brazil. This picture: Passenger Laura Greene from North London tries out the installation For more information, please contact Surname & Surname on +44 (0)207 260 2770 or email PR Handout Copyright: © Mikael Buck / Heathrow +44 (0) 782 820 1042
Image Source: Mikael Buck

One of the busiest airport in the Europe is located in London. This legendary airport was designed by Sir Frederick Gibberd who laid out the runways at angles to form a hexagon. The airport offers dedicated places for worship for the Anglican, Sikhs, Catholic, Muslims, free church, Hindus, and Jews.


7. Kloten Airport, Zurich, Switzerland

Image Source: Flickr

The Zurich airport offers facilities like the Transit Hotel and the showers to ensure your comfort. A new complex designed by Riken Yamomoto, featuring luxury facilities, is also under construction.


6. Chubu Centrair International Airport, Nagoya, Japan

Image Source: Facebook/Chubu

This first class airport is located in the Ise Bay, an artificial island. The fourth floor of the airport offers an amazing shopping experience, designed in the authentic Japanese style of ‘Two Streets.’


5. Chek Lap Kok International Airport, Hong Kong

Image Source: Wikimedia

This airport located on a man-made island boasts the world’s largest passenger terminal. The airport is also the busiest cargo gateway in the world. The moving walkways facilitate passengers in going from one place to the other in the airport while the IMAX theatre in the airport features the Hong Kong’s largest screen.


4. Haneda International Airport, Tokyo, Japan

Image Source: Facebook/Haneda

The passengers can easily rent cell phones to PCs at the Haneda while free shower rooms and lounges are also available in the airport. It is one of the busiest airports in the world and offers facilities like baby nurseries, refreshment areas, and massage chairs.


3. Munich Airport, Germany

Image Source: München Airport

The first five-star airport of the Europe is one of the busiest in the world. Designed like a city centre, the airport ensures maximum comfort of the passengers.


2. Incheon International Airport, Korea

Image Source: GoKorea

Offering a variety of high-end facilities like an ice skating rink, casino, spa, golf course, private sleeping rooms, indoor gardens, and the Museum of the Korean Culture, the airport is proud of its baggage mishandling rate, a mere 0.0001 percent. The airport has also been voted as one of the cleanest in the world!

1. Changi Airport, Singapore

Terminal 2 - Transit - Enchanted Garden
Image Source: Changi

Changi is an exotic dream that offers a swimming pool, an orchid garden, sunflower garden, and a cactus garden. The social tree allows the passengers to play the photos and videos they shot at Changi. The images and footage is displayed on 64 huge 42-inches HD screens. The airport even features a butterfly garden, offering 1000 butterflies fluttering around a giant waterfall!

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