These Are Some Of The Worst Airshow Crashes Ever

Airshows are amazing to attend. The adrenaline rush, as you watch the planes swooping in the air, is quite amazing while the sight itself is utterly mesmerizing. The skills of the pilots that engage in these complicated maneuvers excite you to your very core.

However, the scary side of any airshow is when a plane malfunctions or goes out of control. You better hope you never have to experience such an accident. We have shared the video compilations of some of the worst airshow crashes in the history.

The purpose of this post is to point out how much improvement has been made to the aircraft design and manufacturing in terms of safety and safeguarding human lives. We owe our safety as we travel in the airplanes to the amazing advancements in technology and the scientists and engineers who work hard night and day to make our lives more secure.

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