These Are Buick’s New Flagship Car And SmartPod Concepts

Buick, the American carmaker, has brought two new concept vehicles at the recently held auto show in Guangzhou, China, CNET reported. The designs are based on science fiction.

Since it is a concept design, there is a lot of discourse about the functionality and practicality of the design. There will be innovations needed for the prototype. They are expecting to get people excited as this will bring something new and unique to the table, not something that has been done before.

However, the GL8 Flagship concept is not entirely unprecedented. Buick already sells the GL8 in China, so the new concept does not look very different than what is already in the market. The variation can be seen in a differently styled-front grille and a more naturally flowing aerodynamic design. However, these might not be the only similarities. The practical design might turn out completely different.

The company is also focusing on the facilities embedded inside the car along with the outer design. The back seats appear to be replaced by a more comfortable lounge bench. The same concept is applied to the seats in front. The speakers are integrated into the headrests of the seats and there is enough space between the front and rear seats to place a tray for sharing food.

There is a huge 30-inch display in place of the console and the driver also has touch-screen functionality on the steering wheel. The autonomous option of driving will also be included in the settings.

SmartPod is another option that will render the need of the driver useless for the car. it will allow the car to be driven and controlled by artificial intelligence (AI). It will have features including noise-cancellation and an air-purifying system along with the ones that take commands over voice to adjust the lights or play ambient sounds to help you set the atmosphere according to your mood.

According to Motor1, Buick will make the SmartPod to be made up of sustainable materials with an electric propulsion system. however, SmartPod is just at a concept stage. No signs of its production are expected to show in near future.  

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