These Are 8 Simple But Fun Games You Can Play With ChatGPT

ChatGPT is known for its versatility in doing various tasks from programming to translating languages and much more. And if you didn’t know, you can also play various types of games that ChatGPT will create for you on the spot.

Here are some simple games that you can ask ChatGPT to play with you if you’re feeling bored.

  1. Tic-Tac-Toe

To get started, prompt ChatGPT with—”Let’s play tic-tac-toe” or similar. ChatGPT will create a grid of sorts. Just tell ChatGPT where you want your X or O placed.

But sometimes ChatGPT doesn’t quite understand the rules of the game and said that it won when it clearly didn’t.

2. Guess What I Am

The classic guessing game reinvented by ChatGPT starts by assigning yourself a role and asking ChatGPT to guess what you are. And you guessed it, ChatGPT showed its proficiency in this.

You can also ask ChatGPT to assign itself a role that you can guess.

3. Quiz Games

ChatGPT can also play puzzle games after you prompt it with the type of quiz you want to play. Following is a general knowledge quiz played with ChatGPT.

There are many ways to adjust the quiz to your liking such as making the quiz harder or you can try the following prompt suggestions:

  • Prompts like—”Give me ten questions suitable for children between the ages of ten and five” are an excellent way to get kids to learn.
  • Give yourself a set number of lives and prompt it to continue asking questions until you have used them all.
  • Ask for questions to become incrementally harder each round and end the game with an incorrect answer.

4. Hangman

ChatGPT doesn’t give you graphics that you would expect in a hangman game but all the rules and basis of the game is the same. However, ChatGPT did also get confused by this and placed the correct letters in incorrect places.

But eventually, it got hang of it and made the game – no pun intended!

But that was till the game was played and the realization hit that maybe it’s not entirely meant to play hangman.

5. Word Ladder

Word ladder is a game that changes one word to another, a single letter at a time. And each time a letter is changed, a legitimate word must be spelled.

It took several tries to finally get a successful prompt to make ChatGPT understand what the game was about and how to play it.

6. 21 Questions

While asking ChatGPT a numbers game, 21 questions was invented. This was more exciting and fun to play but was very easy by allowing 21 questions. Which technically isn’t a problem as you can change the number of questions that can be allowed to ask. Nonetheless, the game worked perfectly.

7. Word Chain

Now, ChatGPT was also asked to play word chain in which it provided a concise list of rules that were altered by adding animals as a word category to the prompt. Without this proviso, it would have been far too easy.

8. Adventure Games

Text-based adventure games were once really popular so ChatGPT was prompted to create a text-based adventure. With a simple prompt: “Let’s play an adventure game,” the scenario created was a forest setting.

The game was fun and definitely a blast from the past. However, it did lack substance, and the mission was concluded in very few moves. But upon trying again, ChatGPT created a much better version of the game and it created a world of sneaky goblins, glowing-eyed skeleton guards, and treasure chests—all essential ingredients in any good quest.

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